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Střekov Castle

Local name: Hrad Střekov

Strekov Castle is located on a high rock in the suburbs of Uście nad Labem in northwestern Bohemia. It is a medieval stronghold that is now in ruins. It is made available to tourists. You can see stone walls, entrance gates and a round tower.

The castle is picturesquely located above the mouth of Bilina to the Elbe. It is one of the better preserved fortresses in northwestern Bohemia. It offers a magnificent view of the Czech-German border and the Elbe valley.

The castle was built in the fourteenth century by Pešík of Veitmile at the behest of John of Luxembourg. From the sixteenth century to World War II, it remained in the hands of the powerful Lobkowicz family. In the mid-nineteenth century, they stopped maintaining the castle, and it fell into ruin. In recent years, the descendants of the family regained the stronghold, renovated and secured it, and then made it available to tourists. The castle became an inspiration for Wagner during the creation of the opera Tannhäuser.


Attractions inside

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    Na Zacházce 400 03 Ústí nad Labem , Czechia