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Neurathen rock castle

Local name: Felsenburg Neurathen

The castle was probably built in the 13th century. It was the largest rock castle in the Saxon Switzerland. Originally it belonged to Czech noble families, and eventually became the property of Saxon electors in the 15th century. Currently, it houses an open-air museum and a museum.

Most of the elements of the fortress were carved in the rock or built of half-timbered walls. Only the elements carved in the rock have survived to modern times, i.e. some rooms, corridors and a cistern. In the 1980s, the reconstruction of wooden parts began, based on archaeological finds.

There are several legends related to the castle. One of them relates to wild bees that established their hives in the rocks right next to the castle walls. The then local ruler forbade the inhabitants to collect honey, but when one day his guards caught two old men choosing honey, wild bees defended them and pounced on the lord of the castle, who jumped into the abyss in fear.


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