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Local name: Semperoper

The Dresden Opera has the official title of the Saxon State Opera. Opera guests have the opportunity to take part in numerous performances, but also use the services of an exclusive opera restaurant and visit the building with a guide. The tour of the facility aims to learn about its architecture, to bring closer the colorful history of the building and the artists who once appeared here.

The original opera house was a court theater in the style of the early Italian Renaissance built in 1838-1841. In 1869 it was destroyed by fire, but within a few weeks the makeshift theater was rebuilt with 1,800 seats. City dwellers jokingly called it "shack made of boards".

In 1871, the reconstruction of the former theater began, which was undertaken by the same architect, Gottfried Semper and his son, Manfred. Then the building received a rich sculptural setting, at the entrance to the building stood statues of Schiller and Goethe, and in the side recesses of Shakespeare, Sophocles, Molière and Euripides. This building was also destroyed, this time as a result of bombing during World War II. The ruins were provisionally secured, and it was not until 1968 that reconstruction began. Semper's style has been preserved, however, adding some elements to meet the requirements of modern theater technique.


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