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Zoopark Chomutov

Local name: Podkrušnohorský zoopark Chomutov

The ZOO in Chomutov specializes in breeding animals from the Palearctic, which is a zoogeographical land covering Europe, a large part of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Asia Minor, and many islands. It is the largest surface land of zoogeography. At the ZOO, you can observe true biodiversity - over 160 species, 1000 individuals, including 14 endangered species listed in European rescue programs.

The Zoological Garden in Chomutov was founded in 1975. It is connected to National Grid stations for sick and injured animals that provide them with proper care. After treatment, all individuals are released. In the seventies, the founder of the ZOO, Mr. Walter Markel, also decided to build a museum presenting the typical features of the village of Erzgebirge. the project was implemented only in 2005.


Attractions inside

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    Přemyslova 430 01 Chomutov , Czechia