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Loučeň Chateau

Local name: Zámek Loučeň

The Loučeň Castle near Prague is a Baroque palace surrounded by a romantic garden. The building is guided by unusual guides, dressed in period costumes, who celebrate visitors with attractive stories from the life of the castle from a hundred years ago. In addition to these standard tours, there are also special children's tours, a "chocolate" route and a mysterious trip with the White Lady.

Loučeň Castle also boasts a rich history. When the painter Marie von Hohenlohe became its owner in the nineteenth century, German poet Rainer Maria Rilke and the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana visited him. An extensive English-style park surrounding the castle is as interesting as the interior. There is a phenomenon on a European scale - a complex of ten various garden mazes. Picnics, concerts and festivals are organized here.


Attractions inside

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