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number 115 in the city

Nerudova Street

Local name: Nerudova ulice

Nerudova Street in Prague leads from Malostranský Square to Prague Castle. It is part of the former Royal Road leading from Charles Bridge to Prague Castle. Nerudova street is located among others. Two Suns House, Kinsky Palace, Bretfeld Palace, Kolovrat Palace with Italian Embassy and Morzine Palace with Romanian Embassy.

Nerudova street is 375 meters long. The street was laid out in 1267 and ended at the Strahov gate where it now connects Úvoz. The name comes from the Czech writer and poet Jan Neruda, who lived here in the House of Two Suns and was given a commemorative plaque there.

The town houses are mostly from the Middle Ages and have been rebuilt in Baroque style. In the middle of the street there is a green house, which is higher than the other buildings. There is a legend, which every Friday at noon is a rider without head. He expects his release. Unfortunately no one knows how to help him.


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