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Mala Strana Town Square

Local name: Malostranské náměstí

Square located in the center of the Mala Strana district, from which the streets go to Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. Strolling along the square you can see the historic Baroque church of Sts. Nicholas, who divides the square into two parts: upper and lower baroque columns or the Renaissance town hall. The square is surrounded by a complex of Renaissance and Baroque palaces and tenement houses. Liechtenstein Palace, Kaiserstain Palace, House under the golden lion.

Originally the square was a large market area. At present, there is a busy tram stop in the surrounding buildings, embassies, shops and numerous cafes and restaurants.

At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, the square was named Radetzky Square, and on its market stood a monument of Field Marshal. At present the Radetzky monument is located in the lapidarium.


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