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St. Clement's Cathedral

Local name: Katedrála sv. Klimenta

St. Patrick's Cathedral Klimenta (Klemensa) is one of the three temples included in the Klementinum - a complex of buildings of the former Jesuit college. The one-nave church, erected on the site of a Romanesque building, has one of the most beautiful baroque interiors in Prague, which is due to the famous Italian master Anselmo Lurago, who rebuilt the building designed by František Maxmilian Kaňka.

The temple has six side altars, a richly decorated pulpit and confessional and choir. Sculptural figures and details were made by Matthias Bernard Braun, who, after arriving in Prague around 1710, gained great recognition with the sculpture of St. Ludgardy (Dream of St. Ludgardy) on the Charles Bridge. An example of his sculpting craftsmanship are the stone statues of church fathers and four evangelists.

The vault is covered with frescoes depicting scenes from the life of St. Klemens, painted by Johann Hiebel - a German painter, associated with Prague all his life. In the cathedral of St. For the first time, Clement used the illusionist technique, painting a fresco on the eastern wall of the church that looked like an altar. In the main altar there is a picture of the cathedral's patron, painted by Peter Brandl - a famous painter and reveler, called "Czech Rubens", who ended his life in the tavern "On the Black End" in Kutna Hora.


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