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St. Francis Assissi Church

Local name: Kostel svatého Františka z Assisi

The baroque church of Saint Francis of Assisi in the Old Town of Prague is also called the church of Saint Francis of Seraphic. The historic elements of the temple include the facade with sculptures of Czech patrons and angels, the dome with a fresco depicting the Last Judgment, altars and numerous sculptures and paintings inside the temple.

The church of Saint Francis of Assisi was built in the years 1679 - 1689 under the leadership of the Italian builders Gaudenzio Casanova and Domenico Canevalli. However, the author of the temple design was the French architect Jan Baptista Mathey. The church was built on the foundations of an earlier Gothic church of the Holy Spirit.

The author of the sculptures on the facade of the church and in the niches is Mateusz Wacław Jäckl. The Last Court fresco was made by Wacław Wawrzyniec Reiner. The main altar is made by Josef Dobner, while the painting Stigmatization of St. Franciszka was painted by Jan Krzysztof Liszka.


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