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Břevnov Monastery

Local name: Břevnovský klášter

The Benedictine monastery in Brevnov is considered a masterpiece of Czech Baroque. The local church of Saint Margaret designed on the plan of overlapping ellipsoids has an unusual architectural form. Inside, you can see late baroque plafonds with images of saints and magnificent organs. In the monastery gardens there is a source from which Saint Wojciech was supposed to drink.

The history of the Na Brevnov monastery dates back to the end of the 10th century. It was founded for the Benedictines in 992 by Bolesław II, at the request of Saint Wojciech. It is from these times that the well enclosed in the Middle Ages comes from which the apostle of Prussia was to drink water. The monastery was rebuilt several times and at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries it was rebuilt after destructive invasions and wars. During the communist rule, there was a station in the monastery buildings blocking broadcasting of Radio Free Europe.

The church of Saint Margaret belonging to the monastery boasts an unusual, ellipsoidal arrangement. It also has wonderful baroque painting decorations depicting saints. The altars contain valuable relics of Saint Margaret and Saint Adalbert, and above the main altar you can see a glass oratory made in the early eighteenth century.


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