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The Podkarpackie Voivodeship is the southernmost region of Poland. Its main attraction are mountain areas, among which the Bieszczady stand out and the multicultural past, whose traces can be admired to this day.

The capital of the region is Rzeszów, where the old undergrounds included in the tourist route have survived. Przemyśl boasts a beautiful old town and a fortress from the First World War period.

Until World War II, the territory of the Podkarpackie Province was inhabited by Poles and Russians as well as Russians. Today, they are remembered by numerous buildings, mainly of a religious nature. In the villages of the Low Beskids, Bieszczady and Pogórze Przemyskie you can admire picturesque wooden churches, of which 4, in Chotyniec, Radruż, Smolnik and Turzańsk are on the UNESCO list. Wooden churches from Haczów and Blizne are also on the same list.

There are several synagogues left after the Jewish inhabitants of Podkarpacie, of which the most valuable are in Lesko and Jewish cemeteries. One of the oldest Jewish necropolises in Poland is located in Lesko. One of the largest Polish open-air museums in Sanok leads through the multicultural past of the region.

The south of the region is occupied by mountains, Bieszczady and Low Beskids. The first are famous for the unique mountain pastures in the country, while their northern part is full of valleys of former Ruthenian villages whose inhabitants were resettled after World War II. Today, you can see here old cemeteries, roadside crosses and house foundations. The Low Beskids are a place where you can escape civilization and relax in one of the many agritourism farms in small villages.

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