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The capital of Austria lying on the Danube is a city that still has the atmosphere of an imperial court. Monumental monuments, beautiful parks and ubiquitous music mean that tourists from all over the world come to Vienna.

The heart of Vienna is the so-called Inner Stadt, an old city within the Ring, a representative street built on the site of the former city walls. Here, in the market square, stands the Gothic cathedral of Saint Stephen, with a characteristic roof arranged in patterns made of colorful tiles. Around are streets built up with neoclassical and eclectic tenements and palaces of former aristocracy. Among them, Hofburg, the former royal castle with numerous courtyards, stands out with its size and significance. Outside the Ring you can see two more imperial seats, beautifully situated with a view of the center of Vienna, Belvedere Palace and surrounded by a large garden, compared to Versailles, Schonbrunn.

For centuries Vienna was a global cultural center. To this day, the fame of composers and musicians who have lived here in the past shines. Mozart, among others, created here. Liszt or the Strauss brothers. Especially the waltzes and operettas of the latter with the famous "On the beautiful blue Danube" are today the symbols of the Austrian capital. The proud musical traditions of the city are continued by famous Vienna Opera and Symphony Orchestra.

Vienna is also known for two different attractions. The first is one of the oldest amusement parks, Prater, and the other is the buildings designed in the 20th century by Hunderwasser. His waste incineration plant or house with a curved, colorful facade are among the most-visited buildings in Vienna.

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