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Vienna Technical Museum

Local name: Technisches Museum Wien

The Technical Museum in Vienna is one of the largest technical museums in Europe. Established in 1908 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph, and opened to visitors in 1918. The permanent exhibition categories include: nature and knowledge - astronomy, physics, heavy industry - mining, iron, steel, energy - mass production - luxury items, everyday life - usage tips, communication and information media, musical instruments, transport, basic research - a great adventure.

The museum contains many exhibits, among others: a steam locomotive from 1848 - Steinbrück, DEC PDP-11/40 minicomputer, Siegfried Marcus vehicle from 1888, Ford Model T, enigma - electromechanical cipher machine, typewriter created by Peter Mitterhofer, the first synthesizer, high voltage laboratory, models of bridges and single-family houses, the coach house of Empress Elisabeth.


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