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Desert house

Local name: Wüstenhaus

Located inside: Schoenbrunn Park

Wüstenhaus Schönbrunn is a desert botanical exhibition housed in the Sundial House, built in 1904 as one of the four botanical houses in the Schönbrunn Palace Park. The desert exhibition was opened in 2004 as an equivalent of Rainforest House opened in 2002 at the nearby Zoo Vienna. The exhibition includes exotic plants and small animals such as desert cobras, reptiles and birds.

In the botanical garden there are two specimens of the strange vein (one male and one female). It is a rare and endangered desert plant discovered in 1859 by the Austrian Friedrich Welwitsch. These plants can live up to 2000 years. The individuals in the Wüstenhaus garden come from the University of Frankfurt and are under 40 years old. Another uncommon and endangered plant in the garden's collection is fodder. The colorful beauty of nature comes from the cactus family, and its flowers resemble rose buds.


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    1130 Vienna , Austria