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Schoenbrunn Park

Local name: Schlosspark Schönbrunn

It is a castle park surrounding the Schonbrunn Palace. It was established around 1755. Currently, it is mainly a place for recreation and rest, but also gives the opportunity for further tourist exploration of the city - it has a lot of architectural curiosities and facilities such as the Tiergarten Zoo.

The center of the park is Grand Pierre, which is a kind of large, concrete alley. On both sides there are 32 sculptures depicting characters from Greek mythology or its history. A little further you can find the imitation of the ruins of the Roman temple of Salesian and Titus, erected in 1773, and the impressive Fountain of Neptune, which depicts his sea voyage. It is to symbolize a parable for a prince who must know how to protect the country from the dangers of fate.
You can also come across the Obelisk Fountain, Gloriette, the Palm House and the Sundial Desert House.

Schoenbrunn Park map
Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 471130 Vienna , Austria