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Church of Our Lady of Victory

Local name: Kirche Maria vom Siege

The historic church Maria vom Siege is located in Vienna's 15th district, Fünfhaus. It is built of dark brick, but the interiors are surprisingly light and bright thanks to several large windows. Unlike the neo-Gothic facade, the interior of the temple is maintained in the neo-Byzantine style. The church is 68 meters high. Eye-catching is the large dome that can be seen from the Gloriette hill next to the Schloss Schönbrunn palace.

The name of the church comes from the picture depicting the Christmas crib. It was damaged during the Thirty Years' War by Protestant troops. The imperial-Catholic army carried the picture to battle, and when it won, the imperial authorities donated money to build a church in Rome. This is how "Santa Maria della Vittoria" was created, on which the church Maria vom Siege in Vienna was modeled.


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