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number 23 in the city

Mariahilfer Street

Local name: Mariahilfer Straße

It is one of the largest and most famous shopping streets in the city. It is divided into two parts: internal and external. On the street there is the Museum Quarter, historic churches and houses where celebrities such as Strauss, Adler and Raimund were born. There are also many shops, restaurants, cafes and nature monuments.

The road to today's Mariahilfer Straβe already existed in prehistoric times. In the Middle Ages, this area was uninhabited and was just outside the city walls, forming the loose settlement of "Lucke". This settlement was burned down in 1529 by invaders. The huts and houses were rebuilt, but during the Second Turkish Siege it was destroyed again in 1683. The area began to transform into suburbs, where craftsmen and merchants settled, factories were established. The land began to generate large profits, so it was called "Brillantengrund".

In 1704 the street was divided into external and internal. After it was used during the king's passage to Schnbrunn Palace, in the early nineteenth century, it became the first suburban street that received gas lighting.


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    Mariahilfer Straße Vienna , Austria