number 55 in the city


Local name: Aqua

Located inside: Haus des Meeres

More than 10,000 animals live in a modern aquarium. In huge reservoirs you can see mainly species inhabiting the Mediterranean Sea and tropical seas. These include sharks, sea turtles, corals, and a variety of smaller fish. A flock of piranhas is swimming in a freshwater tank.

Terrariums are home to crocodiles, snakes, turtles and lizards. There is also the so-called a tropical house where various species of monkeys and birds move freely. There is a panoramic restaurant at the top of the building overlooking the entire city.

The aquarium is located in a concrete tower that originally served as a shelter and platform for anti-aircraft artillery. It was built in 1943. The building is 47 meters high. After the war, it was transformed into a hotel, then into a fire station, and in 1957 the construction of the first sea aquarium in the country began.


Attractions inside

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    Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz 11060 Vienna , Austria