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Privy Gardens

Local name: Kronprinzengarten

Located inside: Schoenbrunn Park

Privy Gardens are divided into two parts: Prince's Garden (Kronprinzengarten) and Garten am Keller. The first lies on the east side of the facade of Schönbrunn Palace. It is protected from the wind, so in the summer months specimens from the valuable collection of citrus trees, which belongs to the Austrian Federal Horticulture Office, are placed in pots here. The other part of the garden is surrounded by a horseshoe-shaped pergola with five lattice pavilions. You can see the oldest part of the palace gardens.

Privy Gardens come from the mid-18th century. They were probably built on the basis of a Lorraine garden designer Louis Gervais. The Ducal Garden was established next to the former apartment of Archduke Rudolf. Until 1918 it was a private garden of the imperial family.

In 2002, the central pavilion was replaced by a modern observation pavilion. It was built of brushed stainless steel according to the lace pattern of the original design.


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