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Obelisk fountain

Local name: Obeliskbrunnen

Located inside: Schoenbrunn Park

Obeliskbrunnen is located in the gardens surrounding the historic Schönbrunn Palace. It is also known as the "Grotto of the Sibyls". The obelisk was made of twenty-seven stone blocks. Gold-plated sculptures of turtles support it from four sides. On its top is an eagle sitting on a gilded ball. Under it a grotto stylized as a mountain cave was built, from which water flows out in cascades. The whole is over 31 meters high.

Obeliskbrunnen was built in 1777 by Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg. In turn, the sculptures were created by Benedict Henrici according to the designs of Wilhelm Beyer. A water reservoir was built next to the obelisk, in which in 1838 the later emperor Franz Josef I received his first swimming lessons.


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