Austria    Vienna    Auer-Welsbach-Park
number 127 in the city


Local name: Auer-Welsbach-Park

Auer-Welsbach-Park is a Viennese park with an area of approximately 110,000 m2. The name comes from the Austrian chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach. Originally, in the place of today's Auer Welsbach park there was a so-called "Kitchen garden" in which fruit and vegetables were grown. In 1890, the garden was transformed into a park called Schönbrunner Vorpark. The square was designed with a small pond in the style of an English landscaped garden. On the site of the pond, a children's pool was built in 1919, which was closed and filled in in 1990. In this part of the park, which was later abandoned, a wild meadow was created.

Auer-Welsbach-Park has large recreational facilities for young people. The area of 25.400 m² includes handball and soccer field, playground and athletics equipment.


Attractions inside

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    1150 Vienna , Austria