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Schönbrunn Palace Concerts

Local name: Schloss Schönbrunn Konzerte

Located inside: Schonbrunn Palace

Palace Concerts in Schönbrunn are organized daily in the former palace Orangery. The concerts are performed by the Palace Chamber Orchestra, and are accompanied by performances by soloists and dance shows, during which the dancers perform in historical costumes.

The repertoire of Palace Concerts is permanent and includes works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss. These include opera arias and duets, waltzes and Polish works from such works as "The Magic Flute", "The Marriage of Figaro", "Don Giovanni", "Revenge of the Bat" or "Gypsy Baron", as well as independent works, among others . "Radetzky's March".

The Orangery of the Schönbrunn Palace is 189 meters long and 10 meters wide, making it the longest baroque conservatory in the world. Established in the mid-eighteenth century and almost from the beginning of its existence, it was used not only as a wintering place for exotic plant species, but also as a banquet and concert hall.


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