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Johann Strauss monument

Local name: Johann Strauß Denkmal

Johann Strauß Denkmal is a monument to the outstanding Austrian composer, conductor and violinist in Stadtpark in the center of Vienna. The monument is a marble arch covered with leaves and floating virgins, under which stands a gilded bronze statue of composer Johnn Strauss II playing the violin. The sculpture is made by the Art Nouveau sculptor Edmund von Hellmer. Interestingly, the monument is one of the most photographed monuments in Vienna.

Johnn Strauss II was the son of the famous composer Johnn Strauss. He learned to play instruments and composition secretly from his father. He made his debut in 1844 during a concert at Cassino Dommayer in Hietzing, conducting his own dance orchestra. Already in 1848 he became a musician of the National Guard, composing marches and Polish women. He gained fame thanks to his own dance waltzes. The most famous virtuoso pieces are "On the beautiful blue Danube" and "Blue Danube".


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