Austria    Vienna    MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
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MAK – Museum of Applied Arts

Local name: MAK – Museum für angewandte Kunst

The Museum of Decorative Arts presents both art and crafts over the years, but also contemporary art. Visitors can also use interactive themed islands that are a living simulation of the history of artistic, industrial, transport or communication production. The facility was awarded the Council of Europe Museum Award.

The most interesting elements presented in the museum include Gustav Klimt's working drawings (from the frieze at Palais Stochet), Porcelain Room from the Dubsky Palace and a collection of Venetian glass, Flemish and Italian lace as well as silver and porcelain.

The Museum building is a neo-Renaissance complex built in 1871. It has been renovated and expanded many times. In 1949, repair of war damage began, and the last renovation took place in 1989.


Attractions inside

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    Stubenring 51010 Vienna , Austria