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Mozarthaus Vienna

Local name: Mozartwohnung

The Mozart Vienna House was the residence of Wolfgang A. Mozart from 1784 to 1787. After a thorough renovation connected with the composer's 250th anniversary, the entire building was transformed into a center dedicated to his life and work. On six levels, including two underground, you can see the restored Mozart apartment and exhibition halls.

The house was built in the 17th century, initially as a two-story house, but at the beginning of the next century it was expanded. When Mozart rented rooms here, the residence was known as the House of Camesin, which referred to the name of its then owners. Mozart's family spent the longest time in this apartment, Joseph Haydn and most likely Ludwig van Beethoven also stayed here.

The building is also known as the House of Figaro, which refers to the opera "The Wedding of Figaro," which Mozart composed in this apartment. In addition, six string concerts dedicated to Haydn and ten piano concertos by Maurerische Trauermusik.


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