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number 41 in the city


Local name: Graben

The square is one of the most important places in Vienna. At both its ends there are fountains: Józef and Leopold. The main attraction of this place, however, is the Mighty Column, or Baroque, seventeenth-century column depicting the Holy Trinity.

Among the more interesting places on this street should be mentioned Art Nouveau toilet and monuments - especially the one depicting the Holy Trinity. Its symbolism is interesting because it also commemorates the victims of the plague of 1679.

Graben Square is 32 meters wide and is considered one of the most elegant shopping streets of Vienna. On both sides there are nineteenth-century buildings. The ground floor of these facilities houses the stores of the richest companies. The unique decorations of the buildings attract not only tourists - the figures of women, riders, and even a large, gilded bee are just some of them.


Attractions inside

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    Graben 1010 Vienna , Austria