Austria    Vienna    Hofburg
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Local name: Hofburg

The Viennese palace of the rulers of Austria dates from the 13th century. Represents Baroque architecture and classicism. Currently, there is the president's residence and museum, the Spanish Riding School and congress center. It is one of the largest palace complexes in the world.

One of the tourist attractions is the Sisi Museum, which is an exhibition dedicated to Empress Elisabeth. The theme of the exhibition is her private life, opposition to the court ceremonial and escape into the world of beauty worship.

The imperial apartments are also worth seeing. The rooms in Rococo style are characterized by splendor and richness manifested by the presence of numerous crystal chandeliers, Brussels tapestries and porcelain tiled stoves. The palace also has the Silver Chamber, which is the quintessence of the culture of setting the table in the seat of the Habsburg family. The exhibition presents dishes and decorations from around the world, including crystal glasses and porcelain from East Asia.

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