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House of Music

Local name: Haus der Musik

The Sound Museum is located in the historical palace of Archduke Charles. The five floors of the House of Music invite tourists to the world of sounds and melodies, not only to listen to, but to compose by themselves. Visitors can also see souvenirs included in the museum exhibition - baptism certificates and batons of eminent conductors, as well as old documents and photographs telling the history of the Vienna Orchestra.

Otto Nicolai, the creator and first conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic, grew up in the House of Music. In his room, visitors can see the Founding Decree of the Vienna Philharmonic or the program of the first concert of the philharmonic orchestra in 1864 with their own eyes. Visiting the museum, you can play the role of a conductor and composer using modern devices such as Virtostage or Namadeus. Virtostage is a multimedia and interactive staging that, by combining sound and image, allows the user to become a composer of a new song. Namadeus, in turn, presents an audiovisual reflection of the Vienna Philharmonic, who obey the virtual conductor (device user). However, the program criticizes the lack of sense of tact.


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