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Imperial Crypt

Local name: Kaisergruft

The imperial crypt is the burial place of the dead from the Habsburg and Habsburg-Lorraine dynasties from 1633. It is located in the basement of the Capuchin Church and is managed by the monks of this order.

The crypt consists of 10 rooms with a total of 146 sarcophagi. They are characterized by high diversity - from very rich to modest - and changing architectural features. The first include sarcophagi: Maria Teresa and Franciszek Lotaryński, which are full of rococo decorations and symbols. Interestingly, the sarcophagus of their son Józef is simple and modest in accordance with the wishes of the emperor.

Eleonora Maria the Polish queen also rested here. The crypt also contains the hearts of: Klaudia Felicyta Habsburg, Wilhelmina Brunszwicka, and even Stanisław Potocki, a Polish nobleman and colonel.


Attractions inside

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