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Slavín Military Monument

Local name: Vojenský pamätník Slavín

Slavin is a monumental monument dedicated to Red Army soldiers fighting in Slovakia during World War II. It is located in the suburbs of Bratislava, on a hill constituting the foothills of the Little Carpathians. It offers a beautiful panorama of the Slovak capital.

The monument was built in 1957–1960. It was designed by Jan Svetlik. A war cemetery is located around it, where 6845 Red Army soldiers are buried. The main monument is a stone room surrounded by a colonnade. Above it rises a round statue, on top of which stands a statue of a Soviet soldier with a flag. The door to the hall in the basement of the monument is decorated with reliefs depicting the fighting fought by the Red Army, inside the walls are inscribed the names of Slovak cities with the dates of their liberation from German occupation.


Attractions inside

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    Pažického 811 04 Bratislava , Slovakia