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Michael's Gate

Local name: Michalská brána

The Michalska Gate (Michalska Brana) is a symbol of Bratislava. It is crowned with a 50-meter, octagonal, Renaissance tower covered with a baroque helmet. At the top of the tower there is a figure of Archangel Michael. From the sixth floor and the terrace there you can admire the panorama of Bratislava.

The Gothic city gate was built in the 14th century. Two hundred years later, an octagonal tower was added over it. It is currently the only preserved city gate of Bratislava. During the reign of Maria Teresa, a baroque crown was added, and this reconstruction is commemorated by a richly decorated foundation plaque.

Inside the gate is the Museum of Fortifications, which presents military items and uniforms from Slovakia. You can also see documents, sketches and illustrations showing the history of the Bratislava city walls. From the museum you can go to the observation deck on the top floor of the tower.

Michael's Gate map
Michalská 806/24811 03 Bratislava , Slovakia