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The Bratislava region includes the capital of Slovakia and the Little Carpathians adjacent to it from the north. Bratislava is its biggest attraction, while active tourism can be practiced in the mountains located here.

Bratislava belonged in the past to the most important cities of the Habsburg Monarchy. The massive silhouette of the castle, which currently houses several museums, towers above the Old Town. The Old Town is full of picturesque alleys and nicely decorated houses, and the whole is complemented by street sculptures depicting figures associated with the city.

The surroundings of Bratislava are known for numerous castles and palaces. The most famous are the ruins of Devin Castle in the suburbs of the capital standing on a high rock above the mouth of the Morava to the Danube. On the slopes of the Little Carpathians you can find the well-preserved ruins of the White Stone castle in the town of Saint Jur. In this area there is also a nineteenth-century romantic palace in Smolenice surrounded by a landscape park.

To the north of Bratislava is the Little Carpathians range. These are forested mountains reaching in the highest places just over 750 m above sea level. Several tourist routes run through it, and the valleys are a great place for cycling. The foothills of the Little Carpathians are known for viticulture. There is a wine trail that connects vineyards open to the public and offering tastings to tourists.

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  • Bridge SNP
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    Bridge SNP

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  • Freedom bridge
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    Freedom bridge