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Sun Lakes

Local name: Slnečné jazerá

The Sunny Lakes in Senec is a complex of five water reservoirs with an area of about 100 hectares. Due to the fact that Slovakia has no access to the sea, it is the most popular area for summer recreation on the water. Around the lakes there is a well-developed accommodation and catering base, playgrounds, beaches and guarded bathing areas.

Sunny Lakes is a place that lives primarily in the summer. There are hotels, guest houses, campsites and restaurants operating on the banks. There are many bars and discos where vacationers can spend the evenings. Football, volleyball, basketball and tennis and squash courts were created around the lake.

The Aquathermal water park operates near the lakes. Guarded bathing areas have also been marked out on the lakes themselves. There are water equipment rentals and places where fishermen can fish.


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    903 01 Senec , Slovakia