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Senec is one of the most important holiday resorts in Slovakia. There is a popular recreation and entertainment complex called Sunny Lakes with an aquapark and numerous sports equipment.

The history of the city dates back to the Middle Ages, when, due to the proximity of Bratislava, meetings of the nobility and councils managing, for example, salt mines were held here. The most valuable monument from this period is the Turkish Renaissance palace. The local baroque church of St. Nicholas stands on the site of an earlier Gothic temple.

However, Senec gained its greatest importance only in the 20th century. Thanks to its artificial lakes, it quickly became a favorite vacation spot for the inhabitants of Bratislava. The most important attraction of Senca today is the Sunny Lakes complex. It includes campsites, guesthouses, water sports equipment rentals, beaches, bathing areas and sports and recreational facilities. In addition, there are many bicycle paths in the area. You can also go jogging or Nordic walking.

The complex includes the Senec Aquapark with indoor and outdoor pools, slides, jacuzzi and other water attractions. There is also a sauna and wellness rooms.

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