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Čachtice Castle

Local name: Čachtický hrad

The ruins of the castle in Cachtice rise picturesque on a hill above the village. From the royal stronghold, only the walls and the tower remain today, shrouded in the legend of the Cruel Countess, Elizabeth Batory.

The castle was built in the 13th century as a Hungarian border watchtower. For centuries it was expanded to become one of the most beautiful in today's Slovakia. The end of its existence was marked by the invasion of Franciszek Rakoczy in 1708. His army burned down the building, which was never rebuilt later.

In 1614 Elżbieta Batory died in the Cachtice castle. She was sentenced to imprisonment here for the murder of about 600 girls. Apparently, she was to bathe in their blood to preserve eternal young beauty. According to legend, the Cruel Countess still appears to those arriving at the castle.

The castle in Cachtice is today only picturesque ruins in the Little Carpathians. They offer nice views of the countryside.


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