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Beckov Castle

Local name: Hrad Beckov

The majestic ruins of Beckov Castle rise on a 70-meter rock on the village of the same name in northwestern Slovakia. The Lower and Upper castles surrounded by high walls are a characteristic dominant of the local landscape. A partially reconstructed stronghold can be visited. Numerous outdoor events take place here, including the summer spectacle of the Castle's assault.

Beckov Castle was built probably in the 13th century. It is a Gothic stronghold occupying the top of an inaccessible hill. Thanks to this, the castle could resist numerous invasions. Over the centuries, it was the seat of powerful Hungarian families, including the Caky and Banffy families. The castle fell into ruin in the second half of the 17th century, when a fire consumed it.

Today it is a picturesque ruin, with a partially rebuilt upper castle. You can see a preserved barbican, a chapel covered with a modern roof, three towers, a well and a keep. The whole is surrounded by high stone walls. At the lower gate, below the walls, there is a Jewish cemetery with 80 tombstones from the 19th century.


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