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The Trenčín region occupies a wide strip near the Czech border, whose axis is the Váh river. It is known primarily for its magnificent castles in Bojnice and Trencin and numerous thermal spas.

The capital of the region is Trencin, a city founded on the site of a Roman fortified camp. The Latin inscription found at the local castle is the northernmost trace of the presence of the Roman army. The main monument of the city is the castle on the hill, surrounded by a ring of walls, in which the museum operates today.

The most attractive for tourists part of Kaju Trenczyński is the region of the Upper Nitra lying on the river of this name. It is a picturesque land of gentle hills cut by a river valley. One of the most important Slovak castles, Bojnice, stands in this environment. It owes its today's appearance to a nineteenth-century reconstruction modeled on the French castles of the Loire Valley. Inside you can admire the rich furnishings, as well as the famous 14th-century Bojnice altar.

In addition to Bojnice, well-known castles of the Trenčín Region include castles in Topolčany, Uhrovec, as well as the ruins of medieval fortresses in Beckov and Czechtice.

As in many other regions of Slovakia, there are also many healing mineral springs in the Trencin region. They are operated in the spa Trenčianske Teplice in the Carpathians, whose main monument is the nineteenth-century Hammam bath modeled on Turkish baths. Mimnica and Bojnice are smaller spas.

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