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Trenčín Castle

Local name: Trenčiansky hrad

The biggest attraction of Trenčín lying on Váh is the royal castle. It stands on a high rock above the river valley. It is one of the largest in Slovakia. Within its walls is a complex of historic palaces and farm buildings. A museum is currently operating in the Castle, former chambers have been restored. You can also visit the Hunger Tower, Mateusz Tower and other elements of castle fortifications.

Trencin Castle was built in the 12th century. Earlier there was a fortified stronghold here, and in Roman times the fortified Laugaricio camp. His remains are the inscription in the castle in honor of the emperor Marcus Aurelius and the victory over the Germans. The stronghold was owned by the king, who settled in it representatives of important magnate Hungarian families.

The castle flourished with a great fire from the 18th century. Since then it has fallen into ruin. The reconstruction took place only after World War II. The stronghold was then given a medieval character. Within it, representative palaces of noble families, as well as buildings for servants have been preserved. Their interiors have been restored and furnished showing the changes that the castle underwent from the Middle Ages to its decline.


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