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Bratislava Zoo

Local name: ZOO Bratislava

The Zoological Garden in Bratislava (Bratislavska Zoologicka Zastava) is located in the picturesque Mlynska Dolina in the suburbs of the city. A natural stream flows through it. You can see here about 1000 animals belonging to over 200 species. There is also an interactive Dinopark exhibition dedicated to Mesozoic animals.

The zoo was opened in 1960. It is one of the most important lynx farming facilities in Europe. We managed to bring about one of the first births of young lynx in captivity. Currently, the vast majority of animals in the garden are mammals, including rhinos, apes, elephants, antelopes.

Dinopark is a separate department of the Zoo. Static and computer-sculptures of dinosaurs were installed here. Among them is a playground for children. In addition, you can use a screening in a 3D cinema, where films about fossil reptiles are shown.


Attractions inside

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    Mlynská dolina 1A842 27 Bratislava , Slovakia