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Botanical Garden in Bratislava

Local name: Bratislavská Botanická Záhrada

The Botanical Garden (Botanicka Zahrada) in Bratislava is located in the Karlova Ves district of the Danube. There are about 10,000 species of plants from various climate zones. In addition to the dendrological park and flower beds, you can see, among others, a rosarium, two alpine gardens, greenhouses with tropical plants and a collection of cacti.

The garden has been around since 1942. He is looked after by Comenius University. It continues the tradition of the episcopal plant garden founded in the 17th century, which was made available to scientists. He conducts dynamic scientific and research activity.

There are tens of thousands of plants in the garden on an area of over 7 hectares. Trees growing here come from South America, the Himalayas, New Zealand and the Caucasus, among others. The most valuable specimen is the noble volemia growing in a special cage, recognized until 1994 as a fossil species. The conditions necessary for tropical, high-mountain or thermophilic plants were recreated in greenhouses and special stands. The garden is a place of rest liked by the inhabitants of Bratislava and tourists.


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