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Bratislava Castle

Local name: Bratislavský hrad

Bratislava Castle (Bratislavsky Hrad) rises on a hill above the Old Town. It is a square building with four corner towers. It owes its current appearance to a major renovation from the mid-20th century, which allowed the building to be raised from ruins.

The castle on the hill above the Danube existed already in the 11th century. Earlier there was a stronghold in this place. He held defensive functions until the 17th century, undergoing rebuilding in the Renaissance and Baroque styles. During the reign of Empress Maria Teresa, the Bratislava Castle was turned into a late Baroque residence. A wing was added to it, which is currently occupied by the office of the President of Slovakia. In 1811 the building burned down. It remained in ruins until the mid-20th century. Currently, the branches of the National Museum are located in the renovated interiors.

The castle covers the entire top of the hill. The four-sided building with towers visible from a distance is only a part of it. Around, in the extensive park, there are fortifications and further courtyards. The most important one is inside the quadrangle. Renaissance cloisters have survived in one of the wings.

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