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Museum of History in Bratislava

Local name: Historické múzeum v Bratislave

Located inside: Bratislava Castle

The interiors of the Bratislava Castle are occupied by branches of the Slovak National Museum. Exhibitions of the Historical Museum were placed here. You can see collections of furniture and handicrafts, jewelry, costumes and numismatic items. The museum also includes the Crown Tower, from which you can admire the panorama of Bratislava.

Since the rebuilding of the Bratislava Castle, exhibitions of the Slovak National Museum have been located in a large part of its rooms. They were remodeled during the last major reconstruction of the castle in the early twenty-first century. An exhibition showing the history of the building and its transformations appeared in the courtyard.

In the castle rooms cultural treasures from Slovakia were shown. It is primarily applied arts and artistic crafts. A large exhibition documents the life of the Croatian population in Slovakia and the culture of Slovaks living outside the country. In the Crown Tower, in addition to the vantage point, there is also an exhibition showing copies of the crown jewels of Hungarian kings who resided at the Bratislava castle.


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