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Local name: DinoPark

Dino Park is part of the Zoological Garden in Bratislava. You can see life-size dinosaur models here. Many of them move. In addition, there is a 3D cinema showing the life of prehistoric reptiles, a playground and catering facilities.

Dino Park is an additional attraction proposed by the Bratislava Zoo. It is primarily addressed to children who can touch any figure here and play on a prehistoric playground. The botanical attraction of the park is the volemia growing here, which until recently was considered a completely extinct plant. It is a relic of the prehistoric world of plants.

Dino Park is a place that primarily teaches through play. The youngest here can learn about prehistory of the earth and at the same time enjoy the attractions prepared for them.


Attractions inside

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    Mlynská dolina 1841 04 Bratislava , Slovakia