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Smolenice Castle

Local name: Smolenický zámok

The palace in Smolenice is a romantic building on the slopes of the Little Carpathians. The Palffy family residence, rebuilt many times, is now in the hands of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. There are beds here, and in the summer months the palace can be visited. It is surrounded by a vast English-style park.

In the 14th century a fortified castle was built in Smolenice. In the eighteenth century, it fell into the hands of the Palffy family, which did not care about him, bringing the building to ruin. The destruction was completed by a fire during the Napoleonic Wars. The reconstruction of the castle as a romantic palace began in the second half of the 19th century. It was interrupted by I and then World War II. After its completion, the walls falling into ruin again were taken over and handed over to the Slovak Academy of Sciences, which completed the construction in the mid-twentieth century. It is therefore the youngest Slovak palace.

Due to perturbations associated with the reconstruction, the palace has lost its style features. It is now a romantic building with a tower and wings surrounding it. They serve as a hotel of the Academy of Sciences. There is an English-style park around, which is open to the public.



Smolenice Castle map
Zámocká 919 04 Smolenice, Slovakia