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SNM-Natural History Museum

Local name: SNM-Prírodovedné múzeum

The Natural Museum of the Slovak National Museum (SNM prirodovedne museum) deals primarily with bringing visitors closer to the diversity and development of Slovak animate and inanimate nature. It has paleontological, botanical, zoological and mineralogical exhibits in its collection. At five exhibitions it shows the richness of plants and animals inhabiting Slovakia against the background of the world's natural heritage.

Exhibitions shown at the Natural History Museum concern Slovak flora and fauna, land prehistory, geology and biodiversity. You can see reconstructed skeletons of fossil animals, models of species currently living in Slovakia and other climatic zones of the earth. There is a large collection of specimens of minerals and rocks from around the world. The museum also documents the changes that occur in the natural environment of the Western Carpathians.


Attractions inside

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    Vajanského nábrežie 811 02 Bratislava , Slovakia