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City Hall Park

Local name: Rathauspark

Rathausplatz is a square located in the center of Vienna. The name comes from the neighboring Vienna City Hall erected in 1883. Due to the size of the plot, the design and architecture of the adjacent buildings, it is one of the most important squares in the center of Vienna. Not including the town hall, the most significant buildings adjacent to the square also include: the main building of the University of Vienna, Parliament building, historic shopping arcades.

The recreational part of the square is Rathauspark, an area full of greenery, fountains and monuments. The park is also a center of cultural events such as: Eistraum, Filmfestival, Adventzauber. Monuments of the city park are dedicated to well-known politicians, among sculptural works of art one can distinguish among others images of: Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg, John Strauss and Josef Lanner. The city park also has exotic plants, such as the Japanese pear tree, ginkgo biloba and common beech.


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