Austria    Vienna    Volksgarten
number 39 in the city


Local name: Volksgarten

Volksgarten is a public park in Vienna. The garden is part of the Hofburg park and palace complex, seat of the rulers of Austria. The park was built in 1809 and opened to the public in 1823. In the nineteenth century, a number of buildings in the park were erected: the temple of Theseus, which was designed in the image of the Athenian Parthenon, the Meierei cafe and the Cortisches cafe.

In the northern and central part of the palace garden you can admire the two monuments of Empress Elizabeth, also known as Sissi, adored by the subjects of the wife of Emperor Franz Josef. At the southern end of the park stands a monument to the outstanding Austrian writer Franciszek Grillparzer. In the Volksgarten park you can come across two fountains: "Triton and Nimfa" and "Volksgarten Fountain". The park is also known for its beautiful rose gardens, where over three thousand shrubs and over two hundred varieties of this popular flower have been planted.


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