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number 21 in the city

Danube Tower

Local name: Donauturm

The Danube Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Vienna and throughout Austria (measuring 252m), located in the Donaupark Park. At a height of 150m there is a viewpoint, which is accessible by 776 stairs and an elevator. From there, there is a view of Vienna and the surrounding area for several dozen kilometers. Bungee jumping is also held there.

Above the viewpoint, at an altitude of 160 and 170m. there are revolving restaurants with which you can also admire the panorama of Vienna.

The tower was built on the occasion of the International Horticultural Exhibition in 1964. Currently, it is one of the 10 most popular tourist destinations in Vienna.


Attractions inside

    Danube Tower map
    Donauturmstraße 81220 Vienna , Austria