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Franciscan Church

Local name: Franziskanerkirche

The Franciscan Church in Vienna, or rather the Church of St. St. Jerome of Strydon is a building with a characteristic facade representing the Renaissance style, whose interior is decorated in the Baroque style. The church has the oldest organ in Vienna, made by Johann Wockerl in 1642.

Inside the church you can see valuable monuments of sacred art. Noteworthy is the altar from the early eighteenth century depicting the Virgin Mary by Andrea Pozzo. In the chapels of the church you can see several images relevant from the point of view of art history: "The Martyrdom of Saint John Kapistran" Franz Wagenschön, a portrait of Saint Jerome by Johann Geogr Schmidt and "Crucifixion" by Carl Carlone.

The Franciscan church was built in 1603 in the Renaissance style, but its interior was transformed in the Baroque style about a hundred years later and in this shape the temple has survived to this day.


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