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number 24 in the city


Local name: Votivkirche

The Votive Church is a neo-Gothic church from the 19th century located in Vienna on the main boulevard of the city. Extremely interesting and eye-catching is the equipment of the temple, which includes: a 15th-century late-Gothic altar in the form of a triptych, made in Antwerp depicting the scenes of Christ's Passion, a hexagonal pulpit supported on marble pillars, a Renaissance marble tomb monument of count Mikołaj von Salm, defender Vienna during the Turkish siege in 1529, which was established as a sign of gratitude by Emperor Ferdinand I.

The church was built in 1855-1879, following the example of French Gothic cathedrals from the 13th century on the order of Archduke Maximilian, to thank God for saving the life of Emperor Franz Josef after an attempt on his life in 1853. Funds for the construction of the temple were obtained from all over Empire. The church was commissioned in 1879 on the silver anniversary of the marriage of Emperor Franz Josef and his wife, Empress Elisabeth.


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